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Birth Alarm Lite works the same as the Classic version.
However your mobile phone is the receiver now.
The range is unlimited.
You have to get a prepaid SIM-card. Obviously, you must be in an area where the mobile phone has range.
The transmitter can be fitted to the mare's anti-roll girth around the withers and under the halter.

Extra information:

* Entry level model of the Birth Alarm series without sleepfunction
* Is for indoor outdoor use
* Can be mounted on the halter as the anti-roll girth
* Calls to your phone when there is an alarm (set 2 phone numbers)
* Easy to install, just buy yourself a SIM card with credit
* Almost indispensable in your breeding

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Birth Alarm

About Birth Alarm

Birth Alarm is a foal birth reporting system for horses and ponies. Warnings at the birth of foals and it can also be used for monitoring the health of your horse.