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  1. Preparing food for your horse in advance or not a good idea?

    In principle, the owner of the horse ensures that he already prepares the food for his horse. But some horses - in addition to their normal food - also receive supplements or vitamins. Normal food can be prepared well in advance, but does this also apply to the supplements? In the blog post below, there is more information about whether or not to prepare the food for your horse. What should you and what should you not take into account?

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  2. The difference between hay and silage

    The choice of food for your horse can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when all food providers claim that their horse feed is superior, you may no longer see the forest through the trees. You can choose a "normal chunk", sports chunk, muesli ... And how about roughage such as grass, hay and pre-drying silage? In this blog we will discuss the properties and differences.

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