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horse riding

  1. Horse riding with tracks

    Every now and then you may need an aid while riding your horse. An example of this are tracks. But what exactly are tracks? And which suit you and your horse?

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  2. Riding your horse ‘through’: 5 tips

    Throughness during riding a horse is a subject that cannot be talked about enough. A through horse can carry you more easily. But how does throughness actually work?

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  3. Horse bandaging: explained step by step | MHS Equestrian

    Bandages are used with great regularity in equestrian sports. Bandages are wraps that are placed around the lower leg of the horse. These can consist of different materials and are available in all kinds of different colors. Bandages are often made from fleece or cotton and have a length of around 3 to 4 meters. You will need one bandage for each leg.

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  4. How does the MHS size chart work? | MHS Equestrian

    Maattabel MHS Ruitersport

    So many different types of horses and equestrian brands, so many different sizes. That is why you will find a size chart for almost every product category at MHS Equestrian. We are happy to briefly explain which sizes you can find here and how to choose the right size.

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