Different bridles

Bridles for your horse or pony, they come in all kinds, sizes and designs. The biggest differences are the nosebands. This can be a high noseband, or a low noseband. Some have a combination noseband and others prefer a bridle without a noseband. So the choice is huge.

How to keep a miniature horse or shetland pony | MHS Equestrian

Many miniature horse and shetland pony breeders are regularly asked what exactly is involved when it comes to keeping a horse. What do the animals need?

How to recognize PPID symptoms | MHS Equestrian

Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction or PPID is a disease that is much better recognized today. PPID is one of the most common hormone-related diseases for older horses.

Itching and scratching during the winter | MHS Equestrian

It often happens that horses suffer from itching during the winter months. Annoying... That is why the following question is asked often; how is the itching caused?