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shetland pony

  1. How to keep a miniature horse or shetland pony | MHS Equestrian

    Many miniature horse and shetland pony breeders are regularly asked what exactly is involved when it comes to keeping a horse. What do the animals need? What does it cost to keep them? What are the average costs of maintenance etc.

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  2. How to recognize PPID symptoms | MHS Equestrian


    Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction or PPID is a disease that is much better recognized today. PPID is one of the most common hormone-related diseases for older horses. It is estimated that 15 to 30% of horses over 15 years of age have PPID disease. Earlier this disease was called Cushing's disease.

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  3. Itching and scratching during the winter | MHS Equestrian

    It often happens that horses suffer from itching during the winter months. Annoying... That is why the following question is asked often; how is the itching caused? How do I ensure that my horse gets rid of it as quickly as possible? Itching can have various causes. If the cause is known, you can get started with controlling the itch. We list the possible causes for you:

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