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skin care

  1. What is summer eczema? | MHS Equestrian


    Summer eczema is a known problem with ponies, horses, miniature horses and Shetland pigs. More and more horses are suffering from summer eczema. The itching is caused by a small mosquito. When this mosquito pricks a horse, it leaves some saliva. Horses that are sensitive to summer eczema have an allergic reaction to this. This allergic reaction causes terrible itching. Summer eczema is hardly ever seen in young horses and ponies. Often summer eczema only appears from about 2-3 years after which it can get worse every year. This applies to horses, ponies, miniature horses and Shetland ponies.

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  2. What is Rainrot? | MHS Equestrian

    Rainrot (regenschurft)

    Rainrot is a nasty and in some cases persistent skin condition. However, Rainrot has nothing to do with scab or the scab mite. Rainrot is caused by a bacterium.

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  3. What to do about mud fever in your horse | MHS Equestrian

    Mok bij je paard

    Mud fever is common in horses. Yet it is a condition that should not be underestimated. Mud fever is very persistent. It can be recognized by the redness of the skin in the pastern and heel area. After this moisture comes out of the skin and scabs arise.

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  4. Itching and scratching during the winter | MHS Equestrian

    It often happens that horses suffer from itching during the winter months. Annoying... That is why the following question is asked often; how is the itching caused? How do I ensure that my horse gets rid of it as quickly as possible? Itching can have various causes. If the cause is known, you can get started with controlling the itch. We list the possible causes for you:

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