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  1. How often does a horse have to go to the blacksmith?

    A good pair of shoes is important for a solid foundation. If you wear the wrong shoes, this can cause problems. You will notice this not only on your feet, but also in the rest of your body. It is just as important for your horse to have good "shoes". Then of course in the form of hooves ... Well-maintained hooves are important for the well-being of your horse!

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  2. Deworming your horse ... How does that work?

    Worms are another word for parasites. The deworming process involves removing internal parasites. It is a bit of a cat and mouse game, because both the horse and the worms have an urge to survive. Just as with bacteria, it is also possible for worms to develop resistance to pesticides.

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  3. Horse riding with tracks

    Every now and then you may need an aid while riding your horse. An example of this are tracks. But what exactly are tracks? And which suit you and your horse?

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  4. The difference between hay and silage

    The choice of food for your horse can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when all food providers claim that their horse feed is superior, you may no longer see the forest through the trees. You can choose a "normal chunk", sports chunk, muesli ... And how about roughage such as grass, hay and pre-drying silage? In this blog we will discuss the properties and differences.

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  5. How do you measure the right size for a halter?

    Every horse is different. This also applies to the dimensions of your horse's head. Are you planning to order a halter in the MHS Equestrian webshop, then measure the head of your horse before you place the order. This way you increase the chance that you purchase the right size halter in one go. Because no matter how hard brands do their best to maintain dimensions ... Sizes can always deviate from the "normal" dimensions.

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  6. Take care of a horse. How do you do that?

    A healthy horse is a happy horse. And when your horse is happy, then of course you are! Good grooming is important for a happy horse. How does that work exactly? What is involved? What are the tips and tricks for pampering your horse?

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  7. What do you need if you have your own horse?

    Many dream of it: your own horse! However, it only starts after purchasing a horse. To keep a horse you need different things. Some things are essential for everyone, others optional as they depend on the plans you have with your horse. In this article we will discuss what you need before you purchase a horse.

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  8. Riding your horse ‘through’: 5 tips

    Throughness during riding a horse is a subject that cannot be talked about enough. A through horse can carry you more easily. But how does throughness actually work?

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  9. Braiding mane: this is how you braid the mane of your horse | MHS Equestrian

    Braiding your horse is a painstaking job, but if you follow the right steps, it will be done in no time. Before you start braiding it is important that the manes are clean. To ensure that all loose hairs are taken, you can wet the hair a little. There are different styles that you can apply. In this article we will look at a few styles that you can use.

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  10. What is summer eczema? | MHS Equestrian


    Summer eczema is a known problem with ponies, horses, miniature horses and Shetland pigs. More and more horses are suffering from summer eczema. The itching is caused by a small mosquito. When this mosquito pricks a horse, it leaves some saliva. Horses that are sensitive to summer eczema have an allergic reaction to this. This allergic reaction causes terrible itching. Summer eczema is hardly ever seen in young horses and ponies. Often summer eczema only appears from about 2-3 years after which it can get worse every year. This applies to horses, ponies, miniature horses and Shetland ponies.

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