BR Double jointed Snaffle bit Sweet Iron 14 mm


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The Sweet Iron bits are known for the sweet taste of the mouthpiece. In addition, the bits are anatomically shaped and available in many shapes and sizes.

This double-jointed snaffle bit is made of solid stainless steel rings and a mild steel mouthpiece combined with a sweet iron layer on the mouthpiece (blue). The sweet iron coating on the mouthpiece stimulates the production of saliva. When this material reacts with moisture, heat and air it will oxidize and develop a sweet tasting surface rust. This aids in the acceptance of the bit. Eventually the blue color disappears, but the taste of the surface rust remains.

The anatomical design follows the shape of the horse's mouth, creating a soft and even pressure distribution. With a double-jointed bit, the mouthpiece consists of three parts, the middle part of which lies flat on the tongue. This creates more pressure on the tongue than with a single broken mouthpiece. The thicker the middle part, the more pressure on the tongue. The mouthpiece has a thickness of 14 mm and the bit rings have a diameter of 65 mm.

A snaffle bit is a bit with loose bit rings. This type of bit is generally well accepted because the mouthpiece is relatively loose in the mouth.

Product features

Bit LeveragaNo
Bit MaterialSweet iron
Bit TypeDouble Broken

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In 1988 the excludes brand "BR" (Bieman Riding) was introduced. BR has now grown into a recognized brand that is synonymous with quality within the equestrian world.