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BR Single Broken D-ring Snaffle Soft Contact 14 mm Ø 65 X 50 mm

This high quality single broken d-ring snaffle is made of solid Cuprigan with stainless steel rings.

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    BR Single Broken D Bartack Soft Contact 14 mm Ø 65 X 50 mm

    This high-quality single-jointed snaffle bit is made of solid Cuprigan with stainless steel rings.

    Cuprigan is an alloy consisting of 89% copper, 7% aluminum, 3% iron and 1% zinc. The oxidation process of the material gives a pleasant smell and taste. The anatomical design follows the shape of the horse's mouth, creating a soft and even pressure distribution.

    Due to the combination of the design and the unique composition of Cuprigan, the chewing process and saliva formation are stimulated, allowing a fine connection to the sensitive horse mouth. The bit has a soft effect on the mouth. The mouthpiece has a thickness of 14 mm and the oval bit guards have a size of 65 x 50 mm.

    A D-bar tack has D-rings that cannot rotate freely, so aids act more directly. This type of bit is generally well accepted because the mouthpiece is relatively firm in the mouth. Due to the D-shape, the rider cannot pull the bit through the mouth and the horse remains easy to control, making the bit also suitable for young horses or while jumping.

    D-snaffle sizes:

    • Bit rings diameter: 65 x 50 mm by 11.5 cm, 12.5 cm, 13.5 cm, 14.5 cm.
    • Mouthpiece thickness: 14 mm.

    The D-snaffle phead-head-roperties:

    • Anatomical design;
    • D-rings.

    The D-snaffle is made of:

    • Solid Cuprigan / stainless steel.
    Product features
    Bit LeveragaNo
    Bit MaterialCopper
    Bit TypeSingle Broken


    Maintenance of bits

    It is wise to clean the bit after each use, this can be done under the tap or in a bucket of water. A bit of good and extensive cleaning is best with a little lukewarm / warm water and a soft cloth. After washing, dry the bit with a dry cloth. Cooking your bit once a month in a pan of water ensures an optimal clean result and is the most effective way to get the bit clean.


    • Never use soap and / or detergents in connection with allergic reactions when washing
    • If the bit is very dirty, let it soak in hot water for a while

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