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Hoof spray

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Hoof spray is an absolute must if you want to maintain the condition of your horse's hooves. Hoof spray for a horse is available in many variants, so there is always something to find that exactly meets the needs of your horse. Hoof sprays have several effects. Firstly, they can disinfect the hooves, which prevents a lot of trouble (for example, rock jet). In addition, sprays ensure that your horse's hooves remain in optimal form.

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A hoof spray also has a positive effect on the circulation around the hooves of a horse. They therefore promote hoof growth. Cracks and the like are also prevented. When it comes to maintaining your horse's hooves, this spray is indispensable in your arsenal of care products. You buy these sprays from us for several reasons. Not only can you choose from a wide range, but you also buy these products for the best prices today.