betadine solution for horses

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Betadine solution horse for disinfection of wounds

Betadine is a product that has been used for a long time for the care and disinfection of wounds and a betadine solution helps you take quick action if you find a wound. It is therefore an indispensable tool in your closet and first aid kit. You use it to rinse and clean wounds. This solution is diluted and can therefore be applied to the wound without any problem and without risk. Because it is disinfected afterwards, the chance of infections is much smaller. You can order a Betadine solution for horses at MHS Equestrian.

Betadine solution horse from MHS Equestrian

With us you can buy betadine solution horse in different packaging. For example, there is a 120 milliliter package and a 500 milliliter package. Also view our range of betadine scrub and the dispenser to apply it. Always put a bottle of betadine in your cupboard as a precaution. An accident can happen and there are several reasons why your horse could get a wound. If that is the case, you will immediately have the perfect care at hand and prevent inflammation. You can then leave your horse with peace of mind.