Harry's Horse grooming box

Harry’s Horse Grooming Box

MHS Equestrian offers you the ideal range of cleaning products to take care of your horse, including the Harry's Horse grooming box. Not only Harry's horse is happy with a major makeover after a day of exercise, your horse too! Horses are quite big animals and they often walk through the mud. Unfortunately, a horse is not a cat, so you cannot expect it to lick itself clean. Fortunately, there are many resources to lend a hand.

What can I expect from the Harry's Horse grooming box

What do you find in a cleaning box? Usually a selection of combs, scrapers (including for the hooves), brushes and gloves to avoid getting your hands dirty. Of course you don't want to get dirty yourself when brushing your horse. Polishing a horse is like polishing a diamond or sending a dirty car through the car wash: really worth it! Plus, this is the ideal time to strengthen your bond with your horse and show your appreciation for your best friend on all four feet. Friendship comes from both sides, right?
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