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Groom your horse's hooves with a hoof brush

Clean hooves are essential for horses and a hoof brush will help you remove the loose dirt and sand. You use it together with a hoof pick and with those two tools you can clean your horse's hooves before putting him or her in the stable. First you scratch the hoof with the scraper, then you remove the loose dirt with the brush and possibly afterwards use a hoof wax to prevent drying and cracking. Clean hooves do not contain bacteria, which means that the hooves cannot become infected. In addition, it is much nicer for your horse to go into the stable with clean hooves than when they are still dirty.

A hoof brush from MHS Equestrian

Of course you can buy a hoof brush at MHS Equestrian and you will find an extensive choice in our range. Walk through here and you will probably find a brush that suits what you are looking for. We also sell complete cleaning sets, so you can purchase everything at once and have it at hand. Are you in doubt or are you unable to resolve the matter? Then you can ask our specialists for help before ordering a hoof brush.