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The best hoof care ends with hoof wax

Hoof grease is a product that should not be missing from your horse care products. Before you put your horse in the stable, you brush it clean and scratch the hooves. Then you brush the hooves to remove all loose dirt and sand. If you then grease it with grease, you will prevent your horse's hooves from drying out and cracking. After that, your horse is completely ready to be stabled and has hooves that are comfortable and in optimal condition. That is good for your horse and prevents problems.

Our farrier

The hoof wax that we sell consists of bay leaf, petroleum jelly and a number of different mineral and natural oils. This promotes blood flow and stimulates hoof growth. Bay leaf oil also keeps insects away from your horse. Ordering hoof grease can be done quickly and easily via our webshop. If you need help with buying hoof wax, our specialists are ready to help you. Together we will find the best product for you. Do not forget to also browse our range of hoof pickers and hoof brushes, so that you can take perfect care of your horse's hooves and prevent contamination there.