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Buy your hoof knife at MHS Equestrian

If you need a hoof knife, then you've come to the right place at MHS Equestrian. Hoof knives are used for making quarter arches, shortening the hoof wall and shortening the supports. It is a tool used by the farrier in conjunction with a hoof clip and hoof stand. Blade width is the most important feature to consider when buying a knife. The wider the blade, the more stable the blade is. Well-maintained hooves are free of bacteria and cannot be infected. It is also much more comfortable for your horse if the hooves are clean and healthy.

A hoof knife from MHS Equestrian

Our range includes hoof knives that cut 2-sided and you need a left and a right cutting version. Like all other products in our range, they have been selected for quality and reliability. If you also need other products, such as a hoof stand, a hoof stand and a hoof shoe, you will also find them with us. For help in making your choice, please contact us and a specialist can assist you with advice and advice. That way you are sure to purchase the best products for taking care of your horse's hooves.