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A hoof clip is a tool that is really only used by a farrier. They do this together with a hoof knife and a hoof stand and together they form the equipment with which your horse is provided with new shoes. The forceps are specifically designed to shorten a horse's hooves before installing the irons. Once in a while, your horse's hooves need to be shortened because they have grown longer again. A blacksmith does that with a hoof. It is therefore not the intention that you as a non-professional blacksmith will cut the hooves of your horse. Natural trimming is very important in the horse world. Do you have experience with trimming, then a good need to order at MHS Ruitershop is a possibility.

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Quality is very important when choosing a new pliers. You want to be able to cut your horse's hooves professionally and neatly so that it can walk around with pleasure for a while again. Buying a no-go is therefore not something you do just like that and if you have doubts, ask one of our specialists for help. We do not recommend working with a hoof if you have no experience with trimming the hooves of horses and ponies.