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A hoof shoe for the care of hoof disorders

If your horse has problems with the hooves, such as hoof ulcers and hoof bruises, a hoof shoe is a way to relieve pain and promote healing. They contain a shock-absorbing and non-slip sole made of plastic. The shoe is easy to put on thanks to the double Velcro closures. Once on, pressure points are relieved and that helps with pain and healing. You can order a hoof shoe at MHS Equestrian and our specialists are at your disposal to help you make your choice.

The best hoof shoe for you

If you need a hoof shoe, you must first make sure that it is the right size. This is particularly important for proper operation. We offer hoof shoes in different sizes and you can take your size by measuring the length and width of the hoof. It is quite possible that you have doubts about that. That is why we employ a number of specialists who can assist you with knowledge and advice in making your choice. Together we will find the best hoof boots for your horse so that the hooves are optimally protected and can heal, wherever your horse is.