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A hoof stand from MHS Equestrian

A hoofbuck is a tool for the farrier. This places the horse's hoof on the frame so that the hooves can be filed and cut. Together with a buck you therefore need a hoof knife and a hoof clip. These are tools that are used by the farrier and that are part of the periodic grooming and trimming of your horse's hooves. The buck is adjustable in size and can be used to treat the front and rear hooves of the horse.

You don't just buy a hoof stand

If you want to buy a hoof stand, it is important that you buy the right one. A good buck can serve you for many years and you don't make this choice just like that. Therefore, before you order a hoof stand, please contact one of our specialists. They can provide you with detailed information about the options you have, the associated prices and quality classes. Also view our range with other tools such as pliers and knives. Together with our specialists, you put together the perfect equipment to take perfect care of your horse's hooves. That way they always have the right length, are bacteria-free and provide optimal comfort for your horse.