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Buy a cleaning glove for a horse via MHS Equestrian

A brushing glove for a horse is a useful purchase for brushing. If you are looking for suitable cleaning gloves for a horse, you will soon discover that the choice is enormous in this area. For example, you can opt for a horse cleaning glove made of the fur of lambs or sheep. Not only are these gloves pleasantly soft, but they also thoroughly remove dust and give your horse's coat a shine.

Many variants of a cleaning glove for a horse

You can choose a fleece glove, but there are other alternatives. You can opt for a microfibre cleaning glove. It removes dust and dirt like no other. You can also opt for a massage polishing glove. As the name implies, this glove is more relaxing for a horse compared to the other variants. Whatever you need, you will find it in our online shop.