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All in one with a cleaning case with content

If you are looking for a cleaning bag and cleaning supplies, then you can choose a nice cleaning case with content from us. These cases are filled with everything you need for the care of your horse, such as brushes, combs and scrapers. Then when you return your horse to the stable at the end of the day, all you have to do is get your grooming box and start combing and cleaning. When you are done with your horse it is neat, clean and ready to enter the stable well cared for.

Go anywhere with your cleaning case with content

You take a cleaning case with you everywhere and you know that your cleaning supplies are safe. By ordering a cleaning case with content, you can easily take all your supplies with you to competitions, rides and other adventures with your horse. The chance that you will lose cleaning supplies is much smaller and you always have everything at hand. So you buy a cleaning case with content at MHS Equestrian. Are you struggling and do you have questions? Then our specialists are ready to help you make your choice.