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Check the horse's health with a thermometer

With a horse thermometer in your equipment you can always check whether your horse is healthy. A normal body temperature for an adult horse is 37 to 38 degrees Celsius. If the thermometer measures something else, it may indicate that your horse is ill. Foals normally have a slightly higher body temperature and if it is higher than 39 degrees, then that is no reason to panic. It is good to check your horse's temperature from time to time, so that you know that everything is okay. Even if you suspect that your horse is ill, a thermometer will come in handy.

A thermometer horse at MHS Equestrian

It is not easy to measure the temperature of a horse. That is why you can buy a thermometer from us that tells you what the temperature is within 10 seconds. It is then important that you record it when your horse is at rest. You can order a thermometer for horses quickly and easily via our webshop. If you have any questions, our specialists are ready for you with knowledge, experience and answers. This way you can be sure that you are purchasing the right thermometer for your needs.