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horse wound spray

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Wound spray horse for the care of skin and hoof

Horses that spend a lot of time outside are sometimes injured and these injuries must be treated with a wound spray horse. This spray is antiseptic and can also be used to disinfect a foal's navel. It can be used for the skin and hooves and then for all wounds. Bites, scrapes, cuts and other spots on the skin can heal quickly with this wound spray. The spray is non-greasy, contains no dyes and prevents the formation of game meat.

Wound spray horse at MHS Equestrian

The wound spray that we sell comes in a handy syringe. That means you can easily apply it anywhere without touching your horse or the wound. You will even get to the most difficult to reach places. There is no waiting time and the effect of the wound spray takes effect immediately. Apply it twice a day until the wound has healed. Of course you can order wound spray for horses at MHS Equestrian. If you want more advice before you buy the wound spray horse, our specialists are ready to answer all your questions. All you have to do is order and you will receive it quickly.