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Groom your horse's hair with a mane comb

A mane comb, as the name implies, is a comb that is specifically designed for grooming your horse's mane. This is a different comb than you will need to maintain your horse's coat because the hair is completely different. You comb the mane and tail of your horse after a day in the field, after an outdoor ride, after a training session or after a long day in the box. So you will use it daily. A good comb runs smoothly through the hair, removes tangles without problems and gives your horse a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. He or she is completely ready to go into the stable again.

A mane comb from MHS Equestrian

At MHS Equestrian you can find a number of different care products for your horse and our range is large. That is why it is good to walk through there for a while so that you can order a mane comb that meets your expectations. Not sure which mane comb to buy? Then contact one of our specialists at our customer service. They can tell you exactly which comb best suits your specific needs. Consider one of our cleaning bags.