Pfiff grooming box

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Pfiff cleaning box

Anyone who wants to buy a Pfiff cleaning box will not be disappointed at MHS Equestrian. To take good care of your horse, you need a lot of cleaning equipment. After all, keeping it neat and tidy is not easy. You can also use a bag (or, for example, a bully box) to neatly store everything. That way you don't lose things and you always have things neatly in place. In the average cleaning bag or box you will find brushes, scrapers, combs and gloves. Ideal for taking care of your horse at the end of a long day.

Which Pfiff grooming box for my horse?

Give your horse a well-deserved revamp after a long day of riding. The range of MHS Equestrian is perfectly matched to your wishes and needs. For example, you will find various poest boxes to put your horse in the limelight. On the inside of the cleaning box you will find various compartments where you can store all your things neatly organized and neatly. In addition, the cleaning boxes come in different colors and sizes. If your horse is on the large side, it is useful to use the Pfiff grooming box as a stool, so that you can reach everything.