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You will find your ideal QHP cleaning box in the range of MHS Equestrian. Taking care of your horse requires quite a number of actions. You can use quite a few things to keep your horse neat and tidy after a long afternoon of riding. After all, a horse is not a cat and will not lick itself! Use a QHP grooming box for your horse to store all grooming supplies - including combs, brushes, scrapers and gloves.

Which QHP cleaning box can I find at MHS Equestrian?

After an extensive trip, your horse has deserved a little pampering. What's better than a cleaning? If your car is dirty, you send it through the car wash, but unfortunately this is not an option with a horse. Brushing your horse is the ideal time to give back for all the hard work that has been done for you. In addition, it helps you strengthen your bond with your animal. With the help of the MHS Equestrian range you will find all materials.