Sectolin clippers

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A Sectolin clipper

Sectolin offers various clippers with which you can shave your horse. In principle, you can shave all year round. As well as grooming. This is neat and tidy and the other maintenance of the animal is a lot easier. You can easily shave your horse with a Sectolin clipper for horses. You can groom and shave with the Clipper SE-210 or with the Clipper Mini. These devices have different attachments with which you can achieve the desired result. The Clipper SE-600 helps you shave your horse in its entirety. This is a powerful tool for large areas, less for precision work.

Which Sectolin clippers for my horse?

Sectolin has various products for shaving your horse. Above three are described. You can choose to shave your horse in its entirety, while other cases require precision work. Shavers include chargers and multiple heads that have a variety of effects. MHS Equestrian supplies products from Sectolin, a producer that is there for animals and works from the philosophy "prevention is better than cure".