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Remove safely ticks with a tick hook from MHS Equestrian

If you regularly go into the woods with your horse, a drawing hook is a very useful object to take with you. Ticks sit in trees and fall down in the hope that they can bite into an animal or human. Horses are therefore sensitive to ticks and that is not only annoying, it can also make them sick. With a hook you can safely remove the tick, without it hurting and without the tick injecting dangerous substances. By buying a tick hook from us, you no longer have to worry about the health of your horse.

This is how a drawing hook works

A tick removal hook is designed to remove the tick from your horse's skin in one quick movement, without leaving any residue. Because no pressure is applied, the tick will not leave bacteria in the skin that can cause Lyme disease or TBE. You can easily order a hook online via our webshop. Take a look at the rest of our range of care products and safety measures, so that you always go well prepared with your horse.