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Hofman Constanta4 Horse shaver

Constanta4 Horse Shaver.

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Hofman Constanta4 Horse shaver

Constanta4 Horses Shaver. Even the toughest coat conditions are no challenge for the Supra razor blades from Kerbl!

The Constanta4 Horse Shearer is equipped with:

  • Weight, center of gravity and shape are chosen to make the shaving machine as fatigue-free as possible;
  • Optimized ventilation technology ensures perfect cooling of the cutting head and shaving blades;
  • User-friendly shell housing;
  • Air filter can be replaced without tools;
  • Supra Shaving Blades: The newly developed tooth geometry and the special hollow gravel enable the lower blade to penetrate the coat even more easily and raise the hair for a perfect cut.

The Constanta4 Horse shaver spacings:

  • Power unit: 2300 rpm;
  • Voltage: 230 V / 120 Watt;
  • Sound level: 78 dB (A);
  • Upper knife: 15 teeth;
  • Lower knife: 31 teeth;
  • Weight: 1390 grams;
  • Cable length: 3 meters;
  • Shaver: 34cm x 8cm;
  • Suitcase: 38cm x 33cm x 10cm.

Extra Information:

  • Huge power through a proven engine technology;
  • At 78 db (A) one of the quietest horse shearers;
  • The new Supra shaving blades slide through the toughest coats, such as heavily soiled or matted fur, without loss of strength;
  • Supplied in a sturdy case together with accessories.
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