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D-ring BR Lorenzini 3P-lozenge 16 mm

Double broken D-ring with ball
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Double broken D-ring with ball, made of pure solid titanium. The ball activates the tongue and stimulates saliva production. The use of solid titanium not only makes the bits particularly strong, but it also ensures optimal performance
Product features
Bit LeveragaNo
Size chart

Width (A) Width of the mouthpiece
Thickness (B) Thickness of the mouthpiece

Order size
Width (A) Thickness (B)
12,512.5 cm 0'4.9" 4.9"- - -
Order size 12,5
Width (A) 12.5 cm Width (A) 0'4.9" Width (A) 4.9"
Thickness (B) - Thickness (B) - Thickness (B) -

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