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Harry's Horse Ring snaffle O-link Sweet Iron 14mm

SS ring snaflle with Sweet Iron mouthpiece. Sweet Iron is designed to oxidize.
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Stainless steel loose ring snaffle double broken with Sweet Iron mouthpiece. Sweet Iron has developed surface rust through contact with (air) moisture.

The sweet taste of this surface rust naturally stimulates saliva production, making the bit more accepted by most horses and ponies. They will probably foam more.

Because the sweet iron has been heated for a short time, it has acquired the blue color. The rusting process (oxidation) changes the blue color to brown / gray. This is normal and should be.

Sweet iron can contribute to better communication between rider and horse.

An underlay snaffle can be used with a bar and snaffle bridle in combination with a dressage bar for the higher dressage sport.

Mouthpiece composition: 100% low carbon steel.

Rings: stainless steel

Nozzle thickness: 14 mm

Rings: 55 mm

Product features
Bit LeveragaNo
Bit MaterialSweet iron
Bit TypeDouble Broken
Size chart

Width (A) Width of the mouthpiece
Thickness (B) Thickness of the mouthpiece

Order size
Width (A) Thickness (B)
12,012 cm 0'4.7" 4.7"1.4 cm 0'0.6" 0.6"
13,013 cm 0'5.1" 5.1"1.4 cm 0'0.6" 0.6"
14,014 cm 0'5.5" 5.5"1.4 cm 0'0.6" 0.6"
Order size 12,0
Width (A) 12 cm Width (A) 0'4.7" Width (A) 4.7"
Thickness (B) 0'0.6" Thickness (B) 0'0.6" Thickness (B) 0.6"
Order size 13,0
Width (A) 13 cm Width (A) 0'5.1" Width (A) 5.1"
Thickness (B) 0'0.6" Thickness (B) 0'0.6" Thickness (B) 0.6"
Order size 14,0
Width (A) 14 cm Width (A) 0'5.5" Width (A) 5.5"
Thickness (B) 0'0.6" Thickness (B) 0'0.6" Thickness (B) 0.6"

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