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Hofman Flybuster Trap 6 l. excl. bait

Natural and highly effective fly control.
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Hofman Flybuster Trap 6 l. excl. bait
Hofman Flybuster Trap 6 l. excl. bait

Natural and highly effective fly control
Flies are the cause of irritation and stress in humans and animals. A range of products are available for the animals in the barn. Wouldn't it be nicer to catch the flies before they come in from the outside ?! This is possible with the unique FlyBuster Trap around the barn and the Flybuster Garden . The natural barrier against most types of flies and ensures a fly reduction of up to 90%.

Designed from a combination of international studies and research to develop solutions to prevent flies on farms, stables, etc ..

How does it work?
During the day the flies can be found in sheds, stables and / or buildings to forage for food (manure, animal feed and organic matter in general). At night, the flies leave these areas in search of perfect conditions to rest. When moving from day to night, the flies are attracted by the irresistible scent of the attractant present in the FlyBuster and will fly into the trap. The attractant is based on fermented yeast and ingredients from the food industry. The special and patented 'one way' openings of the FlyBuster are designed in such a way that once the flies have flown in, they can no lungeing reinr es(safety) helmete. The trapped flies will digest in the trap and thus provide an even higher attraction for new flies.

The FlyBuster Trap 6 liters excluding attractant
FlyBuster Trap is an innovative product against fly nuisance and has achieved enormous successes in Euhead-head-rope. The FlyBuster has been extensively tested and the results are amazing. The previously mentioned 'one way' openings ensure that caught flies cannot es(safety) helmete.

Delivered excl attractant. (FLYB5240)

The fall
Place the 6 'one way' openings in the trap correctly. Fill the trap with 240 grams of attractant and add 5 liters of water. Mount the lid and place the FlyBuster Trap at a height of 1.50 meters. Take into account a distance of 10-15 meters from the object that must remain free of flies. The mutual distance when using multiple traps is 15 meters. It is important that the trap is in the sun and out of the wind (eg not near fans). The FlyBuster Trap is ready to use!
When the Flybuster Trap is full of flies, it is possible with a sieve to remove the flies and add water again if necessary.

Effective for up to 60 days!

When the trap has worn out, empty the Flybuster and fill it with new attractant and water. The contents may simply be disposed of with household waste.

• Efficient: reduces the nuisance caused by flies by 80% / 90%.
• Environmentally friendly (green): no effect on the environment, non-toxic.
• Economic: economical in use compared to other systems.
• Easy to use: ready to use, ready to use.

Mixing ratio
40 grams of bait per liter of water.
Success guaranteed nationally and internationally!