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Hofman Lounger line luxe black with muskuton

Sturdy lunging line with a length of about 7.5 meters.

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Hofman Ribbon Excellent Titanium 200 m / 40 mm Red / Gold

The name says it all, the Ribbon Titan is extremely strong and knows the best guidance. Ribbon Titan has 16 conductive wires. The Lint Titan has 12 stainless steel and 4 light metal wires. Stainless steel wires are extremely strong, break-resistant and durable. Light metal wires are the perfect current conductors. This combination ensures that the Lint Titan conducts the current 40 times better than other ribbons. Easy to roll up and roll off. Ideal for permanent fencing with a top guide!

The Ribbon Excellent Titan specifications:

  • Color: Brown with reinforced red edges;
  • Length: 200 meters;
  • Width: 40 mm;
  • Resistance: 0.016 Ω / m;
  • Number of conductors: 13;
  • Number + diameter LMD wire: 3 x 0.4;
  • Number + diameter stainless steel wire: 10 x 0.3;
  • Breaking power: 250 kg.
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