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Hofman Salt Lick Himalayan (Liksteen)

100% pure salt source and tough hard.

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Hofman Salt Lick Himalayan (Liksteen)

100% pure salt source and hardy. Ideal for salt replenishment and to prevent boredom! The ideal salt source for providing horses with their need for salt and fun.

The Liksteen is provided with:

  • Salt Lick Himalayas are extracted from the clean mountains of the Himalayas and contain pure Himalayan salts full of Minerals and Trace elements;
  • Salt Lick Himalayan is untreated and hardy, so the horse can not easily bite the salt off the stone;
  • Salt Lick Himalaya is equipped with rope, easy to hang and is economical to use. Ideally used to prevent boredom and to meet the salt requirement of the horse.

Recommended use of the Liksteen:

  • 1 lick per horse.
  • Liksteen is equipped with rope and perfect to hang.;
  • Keep Salt Lick Himalayas dry.
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