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Hofman Sweet Lucerne

The healthy and tasty treat or reward for the horse.

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Hofman Sweet Lucerne
Hofman Sweet Lucerne

Hofman Sweet Lucerne

The healthy and tasty treat or reward for the horse. Pressed into large chunks and a valuable addition to the daily ration. For when the horse deserves the best and tasty healthy reward. Lucerne is a leguminous plant that has been supplied by cattle feed for more than 2000 years. Excellent green food! It is a natural source of lime that contributes to excellent bone structure. Also contains Cobalt. Lucerne contains 18% high-quality protein, that is more than in hay (8%) and in grains (10.5%). The digestibility of protein is 75%, which is better than hay that contains 50% digestible protein. The protein is also excellent in quality due to a good amino acid balance. Lucerne contains 4-5% of gelatinized vegetable sugars. That is much less than in other grass species (9-13%). The digestible fiber gives off constant energy without a fast and dangerous fermentation when eating too much sugar and starch. Lucerne contains 50% more digestible energy than good quality hay, because it is harvested early.

The Sweet Lucerne is provided with:

  • a real treat for the horse and contains good nutrients and added Vitamins and Minerals;
  • Not 'fat-making' reward and supports the overall health of the horse;
  • Pressed solid chunks with a delicious apple flavor, packed in a resealable bucket.

Recommended use of the Sweet Lucerne:

  • Pony / horse up to 450 kg: 100 - 200 grams per day.
  • Horse from 450 kg: 200 - 400 grams per day.