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There are many variants in the field of bars, and the dressage bar is one of the options that you can choose for. One of the most important parts of your horse's bridle is a bit. This section allows you to steer your horse and pass on instructions. A bit is placed in the toothless part of a horse's mouth. Here both the mouth and the tongue are a lot more sensitive, so it is important that you handle this with care. A rod is a type of bit. Dressage bars are one of the options you can choose from.

Why do I choose a dressage bit?

If you want to order a dressage bar, you have come to the right place at our online shop. What makes a bar as a bit so special is the fact that there are no pivot points. Although the unbroken mouthpiece has a straight shape, in practice we often see that it is made slightly curved. This has been chosen so that the mouthpiece follows the contours of the tongue, so that a bar is slightly more comfortable in the mouth of your horse. Bars such as a dressage bar also use leverage, so that your instructions arrive better at the horse. Because your directions come through better, it is important that you use such a bar with great care. After all, otherwise you have the problem that you hurt your horse, something that you obviously do not want to let happen. Therefore, such rods are often more suitable for riders of a higher class. As the name implies, this type of bar is best suited for dressage. A look through our wide range shows that you can find everything you need in this area at this online shop.