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If you're looking for a bit that puts less pressure on your horse's jaw, a double-jointed eggbutt is one of your options. If you want to order a double-jointed eggbutt, you can choose one of the variants within our large range. There is something for everyone here in the field of bits. In these variants, the middle part can be wider or narrower, which has a major influence on the amount of pressure that is exerted on your horse's tongue. If you are not sure what you need, you can always contact us for expert advice.

Why do I choose a double-jointed eggbutt?

If you are looking for a bit that is gentle on the corners of your horse's mouth and puts less pressure on the jaw, you can opt for an eggbutt. One of the alternatives within this subcategory is a double-jointed eggbutt. Because it is double-broken, more pressure is exerted on your horse's tongue. A bit is double broken when it consists of three parts. The middle part applies pressure to the tongue. The thicker it is, the more pressure it is. Like most bits, a double-jointed eggbutt is ideal for any rider who simply wants to be able to pass on instructions and directions to his or her horse. It is always advisable to find out which type of bit will suit your horse best. This can sometimes be a matter of experimentation, but there are also variants that are made for certain disciplines within equestrian sports. If you cannot find a solution, you can always contact us for advice. We are available to advise and assist you.