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A bokkebit is better known by many names: farmer's bar, French bar, French frog bar, B bar or Utrecht bar. If you want to order a bokkebit, you will find everything you need in this area in our online store. Due to the many variations that you can discover with us, there is a suitable bokkebit for everyone. Bokkebits give you the possibility to place the reins in two places thanks to the two scissors. This allows you to determine how much leverage there is with this bit.

Why do I choose a Butterfly bit?

A good bit is essential if you want to control your horse optimally. With this you create the connection between you as a rider and your horse. The bit allows you to steer your horse and give instructions. However, a bit is placed in a sensitive area of your horse's mouth. This makes it very important that a bit is comfortable and that a horse thrives on it. This makes a bokkebit an option. Due to the quiet location, horses often find this a nice kind of bit. In addition, there is hardly any leverage when the reins are attached to the upper eye. Whether you are looking for a bit with fixed or loose shanks, within our range you will find all the variants that are currently available. There are good bokkebits for everyone. As you are used to from us, the price-quality ratio is excellent. Nowhere else is this better. You can also benefit from pleasant customer conditions. A good example of this: if you order more than 49 euros, the shipping costs are free.