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Mullen Mouth Horse

A bar bit uses leverage and is often used as a menbit. The longer the tree or the scissors, the greater the leverage.

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What is a mullen mouth bit?

Bite bits can be single-broken, double-broken or unbroken. The latter is often referred to as a bar bit. Nevertheless, an unbroken trensbit is not the same as a mullen mouth bit. The effect is almost the opposite.

Unbroken bit

An unbroken bit has no pivot points. The mouthpiece is unbroken and has a straight or curved shape that follows the shape of your horse's tongue.

At MHS Equestrian you will find several unbroken bits, including the toggle bit with stainless steel mouthpiece or with copper mouthpiece. This unbroken bit puts more pressure on the tongue than the broken bits, and presses less on the layers in your horse's mouth. This bit can also not penetrate the palate and it is nice and quiet and stable.

For horses that cannot tolerate stainless steel, we have nice unbroken leather or nylon bits in our assortment.

The operation of the mullen mouth bit

Mullen mouth bits use leverage and are often used as a men bit, among other things. A mullen mouth bit consists of an unbroken mouthpiece, two trees (or scissors) that can differ in length and shape and a curb chain. The longer the tree or the scissors, the greater the leverage effect.

Thanks to the leverage, you have to pass on your aids much less hard. The mullen mouth mainly acts on the corners of the mouth, layers and chin. If you put greater pressure, the bit also exerts pressure behind the ears.

The mullen mouth works indirectly. If you pull on the reins of a mullen mouth, your horse will feel this immediately. If you pull the reins of a mullen moth, the scissors first move backwards. Your horse feels pressure in several places: the headpiece of the bridle, against the chin via the curb chain and then in the mouth. A mullen mouth works stricter and harder than a trensbit and must therefore be applied with a lot of policy.

Liverpool bar

This bit is often used when mixing. The slots in the scissors offer several options for attaching the reins. Each type of confirmation has its own stronger or less strong effect. You can find Liverpool bars in our webshop from, among others, Harry’s Horse and our own quality brand MHS.