Breeding Horse

Do you have a pregnant mare in the stable or are you involved in breeding horses? At MHS Equestre you will find many aids prior to and around the birth of a foal.

Do you have a pregnant mare in your stable or are you busy breeding horses? At MHS Equestrian you will find many aids prior to and around the birth of a foal. These products help you to be alert to an impending delivery.

Birth alarm

A birth alarm is a great aid during the last weeks of pregnancy. This can be attached to the halter or girth of your horse or pony. The birth alarm gives you a signal when the mare lies flat. You can set the sensitivity of this yourself. A birth alarm is great in combination with, for example, a stable camera so that you can see from a distance whether the birth starts or not.

Around the birth of a foal

After a successful mating between mare and stallion in the spring or summer, a mare carries an average of 320-330 days, almost 11 months! Please note, this is an average, some mares carry longer or shorter.

In almost all cases, a mare will give birth in peace, often at night, lying down. A mare lies on her side to give the foal more space during birth. A birth alarm will notify you on your mobile phone.

Most horses like to give birth in silence - preferably in the dark - in peace. Most foals are therefore born at night. Because you want to know that everything is going well around the birth and you want to be ready in case something goes wrong, there is the birth alarm. Almost all horses that give birth lie on their side. In this way they can give the foal as much space as possible during the pushing contractions. As soon as the mare is on her side, the birth alarm calls your mobile phone. This way you can still be on site in time to supervise the birth.

Extra support for the newborn foal

Just after birth, a foal is vulnerable. You can give the foal some extra support. For example with the breathing spray This spray helps the breathing get started and is expectorant. The Vetericyn Super 7+ spray is a means to disinfect the umbilical cord after birth and ensures that it dries quickly.

Foal Blankets

MHS has various foal rugs, from extra small to large, in its range. These blankets are great to give the foal extra protection against cold or rain.

Foal halters

MHS has specially for your foal, different halters in the range suitable for the smallest to the largest foal breeds. For additional information, please refer to the product information.