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Bridles Horses

A bridle makes the connection between you and your horse. A well-fitting bridle is therefore incredibly important!

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  1. BR Bits
    BR Bits
  2. BR BR bridle Stanley
    BR BR bridle Stanley
  3. BR Bracket Nose Band
    BR Bracket Nose Band
  4. BR Bracket Nose Band SOC
    BR Bracket Nose Band SOC
  5. BR Bridle Adlington
    BR Bridle Adlington
  6. BR Bridle Allerdalevierk bombered cord
    BR Bridle Allerdalevierk bombered cord
  7. BR Bridle Andover
    BR Bridle Andover
  8. BR Bridle Bag Classic
    BR Bridle Bag Classic
  9. BR Bridle Bath
    BR Bridle Bath
  10. BR Bridle Bedford cord nose strap
    BR Bridle Bedford cord nose strap
  11. BR bridle Bolton
    BR bridle Bolton
  12. BR Bridle Brentwood
    BR Bridle Brentwood
  13. BR Bridle Burford
    BR Bridle Burford
  14. BR Bridle Cambridge
    BR Bridle Cambridge
  15. BR Bridle Cheltenham
    BR Bridle Cheltenham
  16. BR Bridle Cheshunt
    BR Bridle Cheshunt
  17. BR Bridle Dartmouth
    BR Bridle Dartmouth
  18. BR Bridle Devon
    BR Bridle Devon
  19. BR Bridle Entham II
    BR Bridle Entham II
  20. BR Bridle Eston
    BR Bridle Eston
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The best bridle for your horse

You use a bridle when you go horse riding. While riding, the bridle ensures the connection between you and your horse. It is therefore important that you choose a well-fitting bridle.

First look carefully at the head of your horse. Every horse is unique. In our handy size chart for bridles you can easily measure which bridle fits your horse perfectly. It is explained step by step which parts of your horse's head you can measure.

MHS Equestrian offers bridles from all well-known brands such as Harry's Horse, Premiere, QHP, HB and our own quality brand MHS. We have listed all of these brands for you in our size chart so that you can very easily determine which brand bridle matches the best with your horse in terms of dimensions.

In our webshop you will find both bridles with bit and bitless bridles. Bitless bridles are used without a bit, as the name suggests. Your horse responds to pressure on his nose instead of pressure on his nose. With these bridles, make sure that you do not fasten the noseband too low.

High quality bridles

All our bridles are made from high-quality leather. You can choose from different colors. The leather is perfectly finished and softly padded so that the wearing comfort for your horse is as high as possible.

Leather products have an extremely long lifespan. They do, however, require proper and regular maintenance. Therefore, regularly clean your leather bridle with saddle soap and little water and then maintain it with a care product such as leather grease or leather oil.

The browbands from our range are available separately and are easy to change. Our best-selling bridles have a combined noseband; both a high and a low noseband. This is extra comfortable for your horse.

Our team is ready for you

Do you have questions about the bridle of your horse, or do you have another question? Call us on workdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. or mail us at [email protected] We are happy to advise you.