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Buy anti slip reins online

If you want to make sure that a rein does not slip out of your hand too easily, choose anti-slip reins. These types of reins have more grip compared to normal reins. These are often not provided with an anti-slip layer. This can prevent the rein from slipping out of your hands more often. Of course you don't want this to happen while riding. That is why ordering anti-slip reins is recommended. For the best reins you can visit our online store.

All advantages of anti-slip reins in a row

With dressage reins you regularly see that they have little grip. With jumping reins, the degree of grip is already better, while this varies with other types of reins. There is therefore a chance that a rein will slip out of your hands. That is inconvenient, because a bridle is the way you steer your horse and give directions. In short, you want to hold it firmly in your hands. Thanks to anti-slip reins you don't have to worry about this as much.

Thanks to the extra grip, the risk of sliding is minimized. This makes you a lot safer and a lot more relaxed on your horse. Combine these reins with leather gloves for even more grip. Within our wide range you will find various types of reins that are provided with an anti-slip layer. A lot of variation is possible. As you are used to from us, we offer these high quality products at competitive prices. If you also complete your order before 5pm, we will ensure that your order is shipped to you the same day.