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Fly Rugs Horses

You can buy the most affordable fly rugs for your horse at MHS Equestrian. In the summer there are different types of gnats and flies. With a fly rug you keep insects away from your horse as much as possible.

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Protect your horse against flies

When the beautiful weather starts in the spring, it starts to tickle you as an avid rider to go out with your horse again. Nice ride through nature, the forests and just enjoy. However, the nice weather also brings a lot of insects and flies. You, but especially your horse, will suffer a lot from this. To protect him as much as possible, it is advisable to put a fly rug on him.

Fly rugs in all shapes and sizes

When you immerse yourself in fly blankets for your horse you will soon discover that there are many different options.

To make a choice, it is useful to check when you will use the rug. Is your horse in the meadow or do you want to use the rug to ride with him in the woods? If the rug is meant for while you are driving, you choose a exercise rug. A exercise rug has a special recess for the saddle.

Another choice you have to make is what type of rug you need. Different types of fly rug are available, for example in a normal rug shape. These are rug that in some cases can be expanded with a loose neck piece.

However, you can also choose to go for a fly rug with matching neckpiece. The more the horse is covered, the more he is protected and the less he will be bothered by flies and other insects. For even more protection, rugs are available that have been treated with insect repellent.

If you also want to protect your horse against the rain, you can opt for a two-in-one rug. This fly rug has a waterproof breathable upper so that your horse's back stays nice and dry.

Fly rugs online

When you search for a fly rug online you will come across many different designs. You can easily select the size and model that best fits your horse. You may have a specific color or brand in mind. The online comparison makes it easier for you to come to the right choice of fly rug.