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Show Leads Horse

A show line is a stylish line with which you present your horse during an inspection or show. With the line you keep your horse and his pace under control. The lines are also perfect for during a photo shoot.

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A whorty show line for your horse

You use a show line to present your horse during a show or show. You keep your horse and its pace well under control during the busyness of an inspection or use the show line during a photo shoot.

The show lines match the show dumbbells from our range and have a very stylish look. They are narrow, refined and have a small buckle or musketon clip.

You can complete your showset with a nice chain stopper and a chin strap. The chain stop ensures that the show chain of your horse does not shift at important moments. The chin strap is specially made to attach to show halters. This belt ensures that your horse experiences less pressure at the bottom of his head. The reduced pressure ensures that your horse takes on a better position.

The show lines of MHS Equestrian

In our space range you will find all kinds of show lines in different lengths and made from different materials. From extra narrow, luxurious, leather lines that are extremely flexible to beautiful plastic lines. The plastic show lines can be ordered in different colors so that you can always make a matching set and your horse will look its best. Of course you complete your set with a beautiful show chain. These are available in different lengths. You can also choose between gold, gold / black and silver.

Of course, our show lines are also attractively priced and the quality is excellent. We have all well-known brands in our range and we also offer our own quality brand MHS.

Advice from the experts at MHS Equestrian

Do you have questions about our show lines or about one of our other products? Our team is happy to assist you. On working days you can reach us by phone between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can also always email us. We do our best to answer your question as quickly as possible.