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Hoof boots for your horse

Hoof boots are a good alternative to horseshoes. They have a number of advantages over iron. Hoof boots are only used when you need them, whereas horseshoes commit you for a longer period, which means your horse always has an unnatural weight under his hooves. Steel also produces a lot of vibration on your horse's leg compared to hoof boots, which have optimal shock absorption. Boots also offer more grip on the ground, which goes down well with your horse.

There are several situations in which hoof boots present a good solution for your horse. They prevent excessive wear of the hoofs. Or use a hoof shoe if the hoof has worn too short.

If your horse has an injury or wound, the shoe keeps the hoof clean while riding. A horse that has had laminitis can move faster with the aid of the hoof boots.

Many different types available

Hoof boots are available in all types and sizes. Always consider their purpose. What will you be using the boots for? For example, do you take long countryside rides or ride shorter trips, but over asphalt? All these things help determine the choice of the right boot.

Indeed, the shape of the horse's hoof plays an important part. Always take the time to choose the right fit. The shoe should be comfortable, fit well, and not shift around during a ride. That's why we sell our hoof boots separately, and not in pairs. So you can always order the best fitting boot, even if your horse has uneven hoofs.

In our shop, you will find a wide choice of different brands. In our size chart, you will find the right size needed for your horse. Do you still have any doubts or questions? Let us know! We’ll be happy to assist you.