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Groundwork Horse

Make groundwork challenging for your horse using Cavaletti blocks. You can also find lunging aids, lunging equipment and other at MHS Equestre.

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  1. BR Cavesson
    BR Cavesson
  2. Horseware Rambo Micklem Multi
    Horseware Rambo Micklem Multi
    £164.59 £148.14
  3. Imperial Riding Cavesson Expira
    Imperial Riding Cavesson Expira
  4. Imperial Riding Lunge lunge adapter Star Icon
    Imperial Riding Lunge lunge adapter Star Icon
  5. QHP Cavesson Fel
    QHP Cavesson Fel
  6. QHP Cavesson Leather Black
    QHP Cavesson Leather Black
  7. QHP Lead halter
    QHP Lead halter
  8. QHP Loosening head-head-rope 4.20m
    QHP Loosening head-head-rope 4.20m
  9. QHP Loosening head-head-rope 6.80m
    QHP Loosening head-head-rope 6.80m
  10. QHP Neck head-head-rope
    QHP Neck head-head-rope
  11. QHP Rope halter combi Liberty
    QHP Rope halter combi Liberty
    £29.35 £24.94
  12. QHP Rope halter set
    QHP Rope halter set
    £11.27 £9.02
  13. QHP Rope Halter with Rein
    QHP Rope Halter with Rein
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When training your horse, it is good to do groundwork in addition to riding. Here you do various exercises with your horse, for example leading your horse. But also longing and various other exercises are part of groundwork.

By making the groundwork more challenging, you keep it fun for yourself and your horse and you ensure that your horse gets and maintains a good condition.

The training aids of MHS Equestrian

At MHS Equestrian you will find various training aids that you can use well with your groundwork. Our lunge girdles, for example, are suitable for training your horse in such a way that it uses all important muscle groups. This keeps your horse in good physical balance.

The lunge girdles are softly padded and very pleasant to use

A lunge line is the most important tool for lunging your horse. We offer soft lines in different lengths. You can choose between double and single lunge lines and they are all equipped with small snap hooks that you can easily attach to the bit of your horse. Lunging whips are also useful during training. These long whips with their even longer stroke ensure that you can easily encourage your horse, without having to walk a lot yourself during a lunge training.

In our training aids category you will find a wide range of help reins that help you train your horse. For example, a lunging aid helps your horse to fully relax its back while lunging.

The plastic mini-blocks from Cavaletti are suitable for performing all kinds of floor exercises. These blocks, which we offer in four colors, can be used in many different ways. They are stackable so that you can create different heights. Due to the plastic version, they are strong, light and easy to maintain.

Advice from our team

If you want advice on the applications of our various earthwork assistants, please let us know. Our experienced team is happy to give you advice. We can be reached by phone on workdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.