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A good sweat rug helps regulate the body temperature of your horse. Therefore always go for quality when choosing a sweat rug!

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The operation of a sweat rug

A sweat rug helps to regulate your horse's body temperature. It actually works similarly to your horse's hair itself. When you've trained with your horse and he has done a lot of physical work, his body temperature rises considerably. This heat needs to be released by your horse and he will then begin sweating. The fur moves the moisture away from the pelt to the hair tips. Your horse's skin thus remains dry. This system works well, but you can give your horse extra support in various scenarios.
A good quality sweat rug prevents your horse from catching a cold once he gets sweaty. The blanket absorbs the sweat and dispels it. Under the blanket, your horse stays dry and warm. The moisture is drained by the blanket and the outside of the blanket feels damp and cold.

When do you use a sweat rug?

Especially in the following situations, you cannot do without a sweat rug:

-       the natural insulation is lacking because your horse is shaved or has a thin coat;

-       you have been training intensively or working with your horse;

-       Your horse has been worked hard while outside temperatures are very low.

It's never wise to cover your horse with a stable rug immediately after a workout. These do not adequately remove the sweat, leaving your horse wet under the blanket and making him cool down too much.

Always go for quality

Always choose a quality sweat rug. You want to ensure that the blanket will still function properly after prolonged use and washing to optimally dissipate sweat from your horse.
At MHS you can always be sure of the best quality. We sell sweat rugs from HB, Imperial Riding and our own quality brand MHS, among others. The blankets are available with fixed or detachable halter piece, made of fleece or wool and in many different colours and prints.