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Fly Rugs Horse

Protect your horse against stinging and tickling insects such as flies, hornets and mosquitoes. At MHS Equestrian you will find fly rugs from brands such as Harry's Horse, Premiere and our own quality brand MHS.

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A fly rug for your horse

A fly rug protects your horse from all kinds of flying pests. Especially in the summer, your horse may be bothered by stinging insects such as flies, mosquitoes and hornets that sting him, causing stress, pain and itching or even causing an allergic reaction. A fly rug helps to keep these pests at a distance.

How does a fly rug work?

Your horse is less affected when using a fly rug. But how does that work exactly? Firstly, it helps to keep the flies at a distance. And that can be achieved by choosing a zebra print, for example. This print reflects light in a confusing and annoying way for the fly, making it less convenient for them.

Also, the material of the fly rug can provide a lot of protection. The fabric of the blanket, such as a polyester mesh, is fine and firm, making it impenetrable to insect bites and in turn, also discouraging the insect.

Optimal protection

If you want optimal protection for your horse, you can choose a varied fly rug with a fixed or detachable halter piece. To make the blankets fit perfectly to your horse, they are fitted with double chest fasteners, cross straps, tie straps and a tail flap.

If your horse is very sensitive to insects, you can extend its protection with a fly front brown band or a fly mask. A fly-spray based on natural essential oils neutralises the dominant horse scent and sweat, helping to keep flies and other pests at bay.

In our assortment, you will find fly rugs in different colours and prints and from various top brands such as Harry's Horse, Premiere and our own MHS quality brand. With our size chart, you can precisely identify which fly rug will fit your horse. Are you doubting the size or the type of blanket you have to choose? Please let us know and we will be happy to give you the relevant advice.