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Harrys Horse horse rugs

The horse rugs from MHS are suitable for horses with an underlength from 165 cm. With our wide range of horse rugs, there is always a horse rug that suits you.

There is a Harry’s Horse horse rug for every situation

There is a Harry’s Horse horse rug for every situation. Horse rugs are used against cold, heat or for protection, and Harry’s Horse horse rugs can do all of this. So there is a rug for every situation if you choose the rugs from Harry’s Horse. And at MHS Equestrian we offer a wide range.

Harry’s horse horse rugs to protect

Most protective horse rugs are intended for use in certain weather conditions. For example, you can think of a rain rug that protects the horse against rain and wind. These often weigh nothing, so that the horse hardly notices it once the rug is on. If it is really cold, then a winter rug is better. Even if your horse has just been shaved, you can protect him or her against the cold. You can also buy a Harry's Horse horse rug with a high neck, so that it is kept warm immediately.

Horse rugs for heating

At the same time, there is also a special Harry’s Horse horse rug that will keep your horse warm when, for example, it is in the stable. These rugs are not waterproof, but that is not necessary in the stable either. You cannot use a stable rug outside. A riding rug keeps a horse that is sweaty warm and protects important organs such as the kidneys.

Other types of Harry’s Horse horse rugs

There is a large horse rug Harry’s Horse range and you will find what you are looking for with us. For example, how about a summer rug, a fly rug or an eczema rug? Contact us so that our employee can help you further.