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Imperial Riding horse rugs

The horse rugs from MHS are suitable for horses with an underlength from 165 cm. With our wide range of horse rugs, there is always a horse rug that suits you.

You can find a hip Imperial Riding horse rug at MHS Equestrian

If there is something that an Imperial Riding horse rug is not, then it is boring. This brand is known for its bright colors, beautiful prints and trendy designs. And at the same time, they still offer the rugs you need. With an Imperial Riding horse rug, your horse is hip and trendy, but at the same time it is protected against the cold, the rain or insects. At MHS Equestrian you will find a large amount of Imperial Riding horse rugs for even the smallest horses!

An Imperial Riding horse rug for every purpose

There is an Imperial Riding horse rug for every purpose. That means that your horse can look hip and modern in any situation. If it is in the stable, if your horse is in the meadow or when it is winter. Fleece rugs for example are perfect to keep your horse and its muscles warm after a ride. Moisture will be transported away from the body without letting your horse catch a cold. Fleece rugs are also ideal to use during transport.

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In addition to being particularly trendy, the Imperial Riding horse rugs are also affordable and of good quality. The freedom of movement of your horse is not impeded. You will find what you are looking for in the extensive range of MHS Equestrian. Are you looking for an Imperial Riding horse rug, but can't make a decision? Maybe you still have questions about which rug is best for you? Contact one of the MHS Equestrian specialists and together we will find the ideal rug for you and your horse.