Bucas power turnout extra

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Bucas power Turnout Extra

The Bucas Power Turnout Extra for the horse is a very practical winter blanket with a stay-dry lining that is also antibacterial. Thanks to this blanket, your horse will be comfortable in temperatures from -25 to +13 degrees Celsius. Even with extreme frost, your horse will be able to go outside. He may even be warmer than you! There is a matching neck piece that is available separately. This allows you to protect your horse's neck even more.

What can I expect from the Bucas Power Turnout Extra?

Why would you want to buy the Bucas Power Turnout Extra? Simple: with the help of this Turnout your horse will no longer catch a cold. This minimizes the risk of disease and inflammation. You can even put the blanket on a wet horse, without the blanket getting soaked. The silver surface with the blue trim also looks very fashionable. The chest area is overlapping and uses a patented new magnetic closure system called "Click 'n go". The fillings on the chest and shoulders are made silky soft, giving the horse optimal freedom of movement with minimal abrasion.