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Bucas power turnout light

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Buy Bucas Power Turnout Light

Anyone thinking of purchasing the Bucas Turnout can also consider the Bucas Power Turnout Light option for their horse. Why? The Turnout is made of very strong and also waterproof "ballistic" nylon, with a coating of aluminum, which helps a horse maintain the ideal body temperature in an outside temperature of -10 to +16 degrees Celsius. The inside has a water-repellent fleece layer. A neck piece is available separately.

What can I expect from the Bucas Power Turnout Light?

The Bucas Power Turnout Light for your horse is extra lightweight and therefore easy to transport. Your horse is also hardly bothered by it when moving. The lining has an antibacterial effect, which means that the skin of the horse remains protected and the blanket stays nice and fresh, even with regular use. Because the padding on the chest and shoulders is extra soft, there is minimal risk of itching or chafing due to friction.